La Memoria del Espejo
Poems of ClaudioSerraBrun and Music of Spain and America
The Argentine - Spanish poet ClaudioSerraBrun directs this collection of CD, casetes, infografías and videoclips of his poems illustrated by the composers music of the vast area of the Ibero-American culture.
2002 - Volume V
Foto portada Volumen III
lllustration Volume V: "Dawn". © ClaudioSerraBrunr".- 2002
..."I did not know where was entering,
but when there I saw me,
without knowing where I was,
large things I understood,
I will not say what I felt,
that I remained me no knowing,
all science discovering."
(Of "Couplets on a high contemplation ecstasy", San Juan of the Cross, mystical and Spanish poet, 1542-1591)

... Claudio Serra Brun conjugates in THE MEMORY OF THE MIRROR - Poetry and Europe & America's Music, his poems with the European and American composers music. In this fifth delivery builds a history, lyric and intemporal, a symphonic poem from the heights of the mountain chain of the Andes, carried by the melodies of the master of the charango, ERNESTO CAVOUR (Bolivia), and the magician of the Latin American percussion, DOMINGO CURA (Argentina). These renowned authors, belonging to the American and universal culture, feed for a long time time with the vein of their works, to the multiple ways of the popular America art. In this volume V of THE MEMORY OF THE MIRROR, are added to the poems of ClaudioSerraBrun, the interpretation of the announcer and playwright Óscar Pérez, and that of the contralto Cristina Aguilar; both voices confer with their mastery, a subtle environment to all the work. Finally, the accomplished sound effects confer with the voices, the metaphors and the musics, become in a personage most, that laces with its steps and life strokes the history narrated by the poems and the music. The renewing idea in the poetical area, of spreading the poetry in a different format, without book, covered with the music in disks and cassettes and videoclips that make it more understandable for the youth, it is the real objective of this work: That it arrive the poetry to the youths through the mass media, the radio and Internet. In words of the author: "...I hope and desire that this form of carrying the poetry to the contents of the popular music, penetrate deep in the Authors of everybody of the Spanish-American culture, and that blossom equal tenor productions in all the countries America brothers. It is a ethical commitment of the artist to attempt it to arrive to all, to those which read and to those which do not read, to the youth that longs for certainties and values in the life, that seeks to love, to think, to believe, but also to "the dry of heart, and to the dry as towers", in words of the great poet Vicente Aleixandre. " ...This is our desire too, and thanks for fulfilling it of a form so accomplished, in this splendid series of THE MEMORY OF THE MIRROR.

(Pedro Bertrán.October 2002, Valencia, Spain).

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La Memoria del Espejo - Poemas de ClaudioSerraBrun con grabaciones de compositores de Europa y America. The Memory of the Mirror - Poems by ClaudioSerraBrun with recordings of composers of Europe and America. La Mémoire du Miroir - Poèmes de ClaudioSerraBrun avec d'enregistrements de compositeurs d'Europe et Amérique.
Volumen V Poemas de ClaudioSerraBrun, recitados por Oscar Perez , y grabaciones de obras de Ernesto Cavour (Bolivia) y Domingo Cura (Argentina)
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Volumen IV Poemas del Autor, y musicas grabadas de Astor Piazzolla (Argentina), Luis Di Matteo(Uruguay), Carlos Franzetti (Argentina), Horacio Malvicino (Argentina), Aldemaro Romero (Venezuela), Giorgio Li Calzi (Torino,Italia), Paolo Picchio (Ancona,Italia)
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VolumenIII Musica de Luis Di Matteo (Uruguay), y Poemas de ClaudioSerraBrun
Volumen II Poemas de ClaudioSerraBrun con musica de Enric Murillo (Valencia,España)
Volumen I Poemas de ClaudioSerraBrun, musica de GustavoRosesRipoll (Yecla,Murcia,España)
"Hay un lugar, un horizonte, una calle vivida, por donde siempre van de la mano nuestro corazón y la poesía..."

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